Wrath of the Immortals

Black Moor Nights

In which the party sees more blood red than deep purple

Soladain 14 Thaumont, 1004

Much to the parties disappointment no one at Sukiskyn can tell them the location of Xitaqa. However, Kuzma, Pyotr’s mother, tells them the can summon the “horse-man of the moors” by whistling at midnight on the high moor, while standing on one leg".

Despite the seemingly foolish procedure, a chevall (centaur druid) named Loshad responds to the parties summons. However, he wants a high price for his information: the head of a werewolf that has been attacking the wild horses on the moor.

Armed with whatever silver weapons they can find, the party assaults the wolf pack in their lair, and returns to Loshad victorious.

Given the location of the ruins, the party heads for Xitaqa to rescue Stephan Sukiskyn and confront Golthar.



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