Wrath of the Immortals

Escape from Alphatia

In which the party may have found a way out of here

Tserdain, 17 Ambyrmont 1004

Master Terari made several more visits to the party over the next few months, updating them on the investigation and discussing Alphatian history, politics, and prison construction with them.

The party came to realize that Master Terari was interested in helping them escape. One day when he arrived with two of the passwall wands used to open the cells, the party took the opportunity to “pick-pocket” one of the wands from him.

They fought their way past prison patrols and into a sewer grate deep in a rarely used part of the prison. Emerging from the sewers, the party managed to recover the rest of their gear from the inn (including Amaryllis’ dog George), and talked their way on board an airship. Flying out pursued by the Alphatian Navy, the party managed to evade them long enough to approach a strange flying city in the clouds. Despite repeated warnings to turn back, the party continued flying towards the city, bringing them and their pursuers into range of the cities defenses. The Alphatian pursuers turned back before being shot down, but the party did not, managing a spectacular crash landing onto the airship docks of the city. They had crashed on Serraine, city of flying gnomes, where they were given resounding thanks for giving the gnomes something to repair, and congratulated on their impressive crash landing skills by one Snooperius T. Woodstocker, who volunteered to give them a tour of the city. (Or at least Amaryllis, who had used a hat of disguise to appear as a gnome.)

They were also summoned to the office of Mayor Santarian Keltander, who wanted to discuss the damage done by people randomly crashing airships into his city.



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