Wrath of the Immortals

Heart of Darkness

In which someone is trying for an Apocalypse now

Moldain, 4 Ambyrmont 1004

Mayor Santarian Keltander asked the party to investigate a series of disappearances that were plaguing the city. Those missing were all tourists, but little else seemed to link the victims.

Taking rooms at the Imperial, the party noticed Boris Vasiliev, a rather darkly dressed, pale man, who claimed to be a concert clavier player from Glantri. The party, noting his appearance and that he only seemed to appear at night, immediately assumed he was a vampire. They also immediately assumed that this was too obvious an answer.

After some investigation, the party discovered that Vasiliev had been interested in a certain collection of books in the Great Library, but that he hadn’t been able to get access. While scouting the library, they spotted a gnome spying on them. Following quickly, they tripped over the invisible form of Yegor, Vasiliev’s manservant, who was also trailing the gnome.

After some questioning, they realize that they are both spying on Heydrech’s servant Tarras. Boris and Yegor are trying to recover a Glantrian artifact, the Lamp of the Shroud which can animate vast numbers of undead if the proper rituals and sacrifices are performed. Boris asks the party if they could help him recover it.

The party was given the location of Heydrech’s house, and spent the next few days watching him. During this time they observed a meeting with several other Nagpa take place in Heydrech’s basement.

The party decided to move in after the meeting, and were accosted by Heydrech’s guard dogs; invisible hellhounds. Breaking into the house, they cornered Heydrech and Tarras in the basement where they captured Tarras, but Heydrech escaped through a secret door, leaving the Lamp behind. Trying to quickly pursue Heydrech, the party met up with Snooperius T. Woodstocker, apilot them met just after coming on board, at the airfield.

The party pusued Heydrech to the Black Tower near Blackheart in Alphatia, home of the wizard Kavel. Fighting an angry wizard in his tower proved quite a challenge, but the party eventually overcame him and returned to Serraine to present both culprits to the Mayor. Heydrech was locked in prison, but Kavel was set free since he was a foreign citizen.



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