Wrath of the Immortals

It wasn't me

In which the party is caught red handed

Soladain, 21 Felmont 1004

Arriving in Alphatia, the party was given accomodations at a fine inn near the palace. The were granted audience with General Torenal, head of the Alphatian armed forces, but were told that they would need to return tomorrow to see Empress Eriadna. He also turned into a black clad elf who cast some sort of spell on them…

The party was awoken by the city guard later in a seedy part of town with the distinct memory that they had brutally murder General Torenal and then gone on a celebratory drinking binge.

The party was locked in a cell in the most secure prison in Alphatia. The cell contained bunks, a table which would provide food and water, and was only accessible by using a passwall wand. They were interrogated by Empress Eriadna herself, who took the expedient of using a wish spell to determine the details of the murder. Unfortunately, even this could not disentangle the two sets of memories the party had.

Master Terari came to visit them later, informing them that he had argued for a stay of execution, feeling it was important to determine the truth of the events since the potential of a mysterious enemy out weighed the Empress’s desires for revenge.



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