Wrath of the Immortals

Loshdain the 13th

In which the party wishes it was only a nightmare.

Loshdain, 13 Ambyrmont 1004

The party waited till Serraine was near enough to Glantri for Snooperius to give them a lift into Glantrian territory. (Serraine does not travel over Glantri for fear the wizards will want to learn how it works.)

On their way to Glantri City to report the status of the mission to Alphatia, the part encountered an old enemy. Kalnaka’a who had been raised as a vampire in reward for his service to Hel. The party might have perished except for the timely intervention of Kelter Zerban, a paladin of Othar. Kelter escorted the party most of the way to Glantri City, before leaving to preach the word of Othar…in a nation where clerics are outlawed.



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