Wrath of the Immortals

Mirror, mirror on the wall

In which the party meets the oldest man of all

Tserdain, 24 Flaurmont 1004

After taking a bit of rest from their last adventure, the party is contacted by Duke Stefan Karameikos. He informs them that certain parties might be seeking revenge for recent events. Coincedentially, he has also recently spoken with Baron Jeddarin Corran a Darokin nobleman who had recently made the Duke’s acquaintance when his cousin Teodor, a Karameikan horse trader, died. Baron Corran is seeking a group of adventurers to help him reclaim his family’s ancestral home, Corran Keep; the deed to which was recovered from Teodor’s possessions. The party agrees to help, and sets out on the trip to Darokin City to meet with Baron Corran.

Soladain, 7 Yarthmont

In Darokin City, the party meets with Baron Corran, who informs them that he had sent his son Noriad Corran up to the keep to investigate, and his son reported the keep had men inside it, men who glowed in the dark. Also, Noriad was attacked by glow in the dark birds that gave off sparks.

Gromdain, 16 Yarthmont

The party met Noriad at Fort Lakeside, where they stayed the night in preperation for the two day trek to Corran Keep.

Moldain, 18 Yarthmont

Corran Keep turns out to be a round donjon, built up against the side of a cliff. As they approach the party is attacked by the strange birds Noriad called Sprackles, crow-like birds that could strike out with bolts of lightning. Once inside the keep, the were attacked by strange men with grey skin like zombies, but who could move as quick as an elf and could shock with a touch. These Lightning Zombies were apparently trying to keep them from reaching someone called Lord Kazzak, but fled after the battle turned against them.

Deeper in the keep the party is attacked by leaping, glowing spiders with too many legs, and more of the Lightning Zombies. Realizing they have not found all of the Lightning Zombies from the original attack, or Lord Kazzak, the party searches the keep from top to bottom, until they locate a secret door leading into the cliff.

Inside they found a group of tombs and a library. Inside the library a young, and helpful, Lightning Zombie named Crackle help them understand what had happened to the keep. Baron Alexander Corran, his wife Lillian Corran, and their son Edgar Corran came to the area in 821 to establish a new dominion. Despite bringing guards and servants, the monsters in the area slowly wore them down. Lillian was carried off by some evil creature, possibly a vampire, and eventually no one was left. Crackle seems to think the strange, talking shield Lord Kazzak keeps had something to do with reanimating their bodies. He is pretty sure his body belonged to Edgar, and Lord Kazzak must be the Baron.

After defeating the, rather arogant, Lord Kazzak, the party isable to examine the strange shield Crackle had mentioned. Inside they see the face of a green-skinned man who tells them his name is Rheddrian. He also tells thm he needs to get free of the shield, that all magic in the world may depend on it. Rheddrian tells the party he is a travelled from another world, whose ship crashed on this planet over 3000 years ago. He believes that some of the devices from his ship are slowly draining the life out of the world.

Kendrick bravely volunteered to trade places with Rheddrian under assurances that Kendrick would remain in the shield only until a suitable replacement could be found. Upon escaping the shield Rheddrian immediately starts glowing, doubles over in pain, grows in height, and then stands up and disappears.

Later that night, the remaining party members are awakened by a glow in the middle of the camp. Rheddrian has returned with Kendrick, unharmed, and a chest of 1500 gold pieces. Rheddrian, after taking some time to figure out how, apparently swapped Kendrick for a dying old man who’s life will be extended by the mirror shield.



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