Wrath of the Immortals

Small Favor

In which an elf princess asks the party for a little help

Moldain, 18 Ambyrmont 1004

Arriving in Glantri City, the party was told they’d have to wait. Apparently, their was some problem the council found more pressing. Poking around in a near by wine house, the party discovered the Glantri had recently been attacked. Alphatian wizards had teleported into the capital and attacked a state banquet where they assassinated all present, including at least one member of all the ruling families. At least that is the testimony of the only survivor, Prince Innocenti di Malapietra.

Unsurprisingly, Glantri demands that Alphatia hand over the assassins. Surprisingly, Thyatis issues its own warning to Alphatia, saying it is obvious the assassinations were performed in revenge for the death of General Torenal and Alphatia will not be allowed to expand its holdings in this manner.

Alphatia denies any involvement.

The party is eventually allowed an audience with the council where they give their findings and are examined by Prince Etienne d’Amberville in response to their testimony that they have two sets of memories of their meeting with General Torenal. Prince Etienne promptly excused himself from the council meeting citing pressing business.

After the council meeting the party was approached by Esmerelda Erewan, sister to Princess Caroltine Erewan. Esmerelda informed the party that some of her principality’s citizens had been framed in Alphatia for burning temples dedicated to Asterius, in the same manner as the party. She offered them quite a bit of gold if they would return to Alphatia and break the elves out of the prison the party had just escaped.

After taking some time to prepare, the party teleported to Alphatia.



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