Wrath of the Immortals

Veiled Society

In which a little old lady saves the duchy

Moldain 4 Flaurmont, 1004

The party arrived in Specularuam just in time for the Festival of Lucor, a parade and faire in honor of a legendary Traladaran cleric. During the parade a small confrontation took place between the Radu and Torenescu families. Seeing little come of this, the party moved on to find rooms at an inn. While there, they were approached by a man named Theosius, who asked them if they would be interested in work. The party indicated they would and Theosius told them he would be in touch, after providing a small retainer. Later, outside the inn, Kendrick was approached by three hooded men who informed him they might have “some things that need to be done”, and promised to tell him more the following night.

Nytdain 5 Flaurmont, 1004

The next morning, as the party is having a quiet breakfast, an old woman bursts into the inn. Ranting about demons in her cellar, she begs someone to help her. The party, being good of heart, and encouraged by the bartender’s display of gold, agrees to investigate.

Climbing down into the cellar, the party find little more than a large rat. However, in chasing it off, they hear strange noises from the other side of the wall. Apparently, the old woman has a secret door in her cellar. The door leads to a warren of hand dug tunnels underneath part of the city. In exploring the tunnels, the party interrupted a group of men expanding the tunnel system, and a second group burying a body.

Reporting the murder to the authorities, and proving there innocence through a simple clerical spell, the party was pressured to help investigate the murder. The victim turned out to be Lucia Vorloi, Baron Vorloi’s neice. A cursory examination uncovered a signet ring belonging to Stephanos Torenescu, a suitor she had recently spurned. However, other clues cast doubt on the murderer’s identity. Red hairs caught in the blood on the floor, a short length of hemp rope, pitch on the ladder rungs leading to the cellar of the Vorloi house, and 3 letters scrawled in blood near the site of the murder. Difficult to read they seem to spell BAD…BAO…RAD…RAO?

Late that afternoon, as the party continues their investigation, they encounter a man in the square decrying the Torenescu family, and attracting quite a crowd. The city guard arrives not long after, and from there things turn ugly. A rock thrown from somewhere in the crowd struck one of the guardsman, and a riot breaks out. The party managed to follow the orator away from the square, but was unable to catch up with him in the confusion.

Later that night, the party returns to the inn where a message is waiting, Theosius has asked them to meet him at a ship called the Jade Sea, to help guard a package bound for Senator Eipistlo’s house. Kendrick, however, receives a second message delivered by arrow, instructing him to go to Vintner’s Lane by the second bell. And so the party splits to attend their seperate meetings.

Kendrick meets a number of hooded men who inform him they are to prepare an ambush. Amaryllis and Neara are greeted at the Jade Sea by Simion Torenescu, who is apparently the package they are to deliver. As the group is about to leave the docks, they are approached by a group of ragged men with swords and clubs. However, instead of attacking one steps forward and informs them that Dimitrios, Ruler of Beggars, has sent them as an oath of homage to the Torenescu family. During the Veiled Society’s ambush prepared for Simion, Kendrick ambushes his new employers, and the party easily helps Simion reach his destination.

Loshdain 6 Flaurmont, 1004

The next day as the party continued the search for Lucia’s killer, a second riot breaks out. Turning down a side street to avoid the chaos, the party is ambushed by crossbowmen. Chasing down their attackers, the party trails them to a back entrance to the Blue Water Mead Hall, where a large man, possibly a half-ogre, blocked their passage. Forced to fight their way through him, the party snuck into the hall.

There they observed a secret meeting where robed men duscussed a plot to bring down Duke Stefan Karameikos. Not wishing to face the entire Veiled Society at once, they waited until the meeting concluded before searching further. Deeper in the hideout they discovered two members of the Radu family and a dead man, Anton Radu, the family head. Forced to fight each of the Radu brother’s in turn, the party secured evidence that the Radu had hired Lucia’s killer, and enough evidence to expose a large number of their members.

Bringing the evidence before the Duke the party was well rewarded with gold, and titles as Court Lord and Court Ladies of Karameikos, a title granted for outstanding service in support of the realm.



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