Amaryllis Underbough

Halfling Barbarian


Amaryllis was born in the Five Shires to a typical halfling family. As she grew older she developed a desperate desire to see the world, as many young halflings are wont to do. This wanderlust is termed yallaran by the halflings, who generally feels it just better to let the teenagers get it out of their systems than try and tie them down. The world typically scares some sense into them and they settle down and raise proper halfling families just like anyone else. For Amaryllis, the world seems to be having a harder time than most.

She travelled north from the Five Shires to Darokin, joined a merchant caravan to Glantri that crossed the Broken Lands, and eventually made her way east to Ethengar where she was fascinated by the Ethengar practice of riding. Unfortunately, she was unable to truly learn their techniques as the Ethengar horses proved a little large for a halfling to ride effectively.

Eventually she made her way to Karameikos where she discovered that the large, shaggy dogs the homesteaders were fond of were the perfect size. She spent several months in the town of Threshold training her dog George before meeting the rest of the party.

Amaryllis Underbough

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