Neara Mealidor

Elven Artificer


Neara was a rare child among the elves of Alfheim, a second child born to the same parents. Her brother, born many years earlier had grown to be a practiced wizard, and the elders of the Mealidor clan felt this child must be bound for a greater destiny. She was placed into the training of the Treekeepers, those elves dedicated to tending the Tree of Life. Sure enough she displayed great aptitude with the treekeeper’s forest magics, learning to craft ancient and secret recipes from the rare herbs and materials of the forest, and the Tree of Life itself.

Unfortunately, Neara was not fond of the long hours of detailed study, and the meditations on a boring, old tree. Finding more inspiration in the legends of Mealiden than the teachings of Ilsundal, she sent out to the south passing through Selenica in Darokin and eventually arriving in Threshold in Karameikos.

Neara Mealidor

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