Human Fey-Pact Warlock


Born to a Thyatian noble in Karameikos, Kendrick was considered a promising young man. His father had begun grooming him to take over the family lands, and had even arranged a prosperous marriage that would expand the family holdings, once Kendrick came of age.

Kendrick, however, was far more interested in wandering the depths of the forests than learning about tax rates and road maintainence. He was on one of these forays when he came home a changed boy. His normally mischievous nature grew more chaotic, and he began exhibiting the strangest behaviors. Whispers started that he’d struck his head and gone mad, that he was visiting dryads in the woods, or worse. As his coming of age approached, and his behavior did not improve, his father informed him, and all the people of his fief, that he was adopting the local custom of Shearing. Politically this would help him gain favor with the local Traladaran people by showing he was becoming one of them, and personally it gave him an excuse to delay his son’s coming of age. The Shearing custom involves, essentially, turning the child out into the world as if they were not your own, typically with simple clothing and a cloak with the hem shorn off. Friends and relatives (and even the childs own parents), refuse to acknowledge them by their previous identity, though they typically will help the “strange traveller” at their door in some small way. This continues until the child has proven they can make their way in the world on their own merits.

Kendrick travelled to Threshold after this, where he met up with the rest of the party.


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