Kelter Zerban

Paladin of Othar


Kelter was born in Corunglain in Darokin. When he was 18 he joined the army and was assigned to Fort Nell, a dangerous post near the Broken Lands. On a mission to repel orcish raiders, Kelter was the sole survivor of a hard fought battle. As he lay wounded, he heard a voice commanding him to travel northeast into the moutains to hear Othar’s word.

Kelter travelled for weeks, suffering from starvation and orc attacks until he arrived at Othar’s cairn. The voice told him he had been chosen as a paladin of Othar and he would be sent to wrong wrongs beyind the concern of the Darokin army.

Weeks later, he found his way back to Fort Nell and made his report. His commanding officer seeing his state, and hearing a story out of old fairy tales, kindly gave him an honorable discharge.

Since then Kelter has travelled the world, fighting monsters, protecting the innocent, and promoting honorable conduct wherever he goes.

Kelter Zerban

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