Wrath of the Immortals

Current Events #2
In which a seemingly unrelated situation escalates

Loshdain, 20 Ambyrmont 1004

Without benefit of a decleration of war, Heldann sends several punitive raids into Ethengar. The lance calvary attacks hit several Ethengarian encampments, slaughtering every man, woman, and child.

Small Favor
In which an elf princess asks the party for a little help

Moldain, 18 Ambyrmont 1004

Arriving in Glantri City, the party was told they’d have to wait. Apparently, their was some problem the council found more pressing. Poking around in a near by wine house, the party discovered the Glantri had recently been attacked. Alphatian wizards had teleported into the capital and attacked a state banquet where they assassinated all present, including at least one member of all the ruling families. At least that is the testimony of the only survivor, Prince Innocenti di Malapietra.

Unsurprisingly, Glantri demands that Alphatia hand over the assassins. Surprisingly, Thyatis issues its own warning to Alphatia, saying it is obvious the assassinations were performed in revenge for the death of General Torenal and Alphatia will not be allowed to expand its holdings in this manner.

Alphatia denies any involvement.

The party is eventually allowed an audience with the council where they give their findings and are examined by Prince Etienne d’Amberville in response to their testimony that they have two sets of memories of their meeting with General Torenal. Prince Etienne promptly excused himself from the council meeting citing pressing business.

After the council meeting the party was approached by Esmerelda Erewan, sister to Princess Caroltine Erewan. Esmerelda informed the party that some of her principality’s citizens had been framed in Alphatia for burning temples dedicated to Asterius, in the same manner as the party. She offered them quite a bit of gold if they would return to Alphatia and break the elves out of the prison the party had just escaped.

After taking some time to prepare, the party teleported to Alphatia.

Fourth Edition
In which the party complains about unbalanced clerics and other rules failings

After the combat with Kalnaka’a as a vampire (Loshdain the 13th) the party made it clear they would prefer to switch to 4th edition.

Kendrick originally a wizard/rogue headed for arcane trickster became a fey-pact warlock.

Neara originally a mystic ranger became an artificer primarily because the party needed a leader.

Amaryllis converted to fighter since barbarian wasn’t published yet.

After PHBII was published, Amaryllis returned to a barbarian.

After Arcane Power was released, Neara converted to bard using the ranged weapon bard powers in that book. (Allowing the party to keep a leader, while letting her stay an archer.)

As an aside, in the original script for Wrath of the Immortals “Othar” was named Balthac which suffers from a case of unfortunate naming. (Why is left as an exercise for the reader.) So the party named him Othar, since my portrayal of Kelter was heavily influenced by Othar Tryggvassen from Phil Foglio’s Girl Genius

Loshdain the 13th
In which the party wishes it was only a nightmare.

Loshdain, 13 Ambyrmont 1004

The party waited till Serraine was near enough to Glantri for Snooperius to give them a lift into Glantrian territory. (Serraine does not travel over Glantri for fear the wizards will want to learn how it works.)

On their way to Glantri City to report the status of the mission to Alphatia, the part encountered an old enemy. Kalnaka’a who had been raised as a vampire in reward for his service to Hel. The party might have perished except for the timely intervention of Kelter Zerban, a paladin of Othar. Kelter escorted the party most of the way to Glantri City, before leaving to preach the word of Othar…in a nation where clerics are outlawed.

Heart of Darkness
In which someone is trying for an Apocalypse now

Moldain, 4 Ambyrmont 1004

Mayor Santarian Keltander asked the party to investigate a series of disappearances that were plaguing the city. Those missing were all tourists, but little else seemed to link the victims.

Taking rooms at the Imperial, the party noticed Boris Vasiliev, a rather darkly dressed, pale man, who claimed to be a concert clavier player from Glantri. The party, noting his appearance and that he only seemed to appear at night, immediately assumed he was a vampire. They also immediately assumed that this was too obvious an answer.

After some investigation, the party discovered that Vasiliev had been interested in a certain collection of books in the Great Library, but that he hadn’t been able to get access. While scouting the library, they spotted a gnome spying on them. Following quickly, they tripped over the invisible form of Yegor, Vasiliev’s manservant, who was also trailing the gnome.

After some questioning, they realize that they are both spying on Heydrech’s servant Tarras. Boris and Yegor are trying to recover a Glantrian artifact, the Lamp of the Shroud which can animate vast numbers of undead if the proper rituals and sacrifices are performed. Boris asks the party if they could help him recover it.

The party was given the location of Heydrech’s house, and spent the next few days watching him. During this time they observed a meeting with several other Nagpa take place in Heydrech’s basement.

The party decided to move in after the meeting, and were accosted by Heydrech’s guard dogs; invisible hellhounds. Breaking into the house, they cornered Heydrech and Tarras in the basement where they captured Tarras, but Heydrech escaped through a secret door, leaving the Lamp behind. Trying to quickly pursue Heydrech, the party met up with Snooperius T. Woodstocker, apilot them met just after coming on board, at the airfield.

The party pusued Heydrech to the Black Tower near Blackheart in Alphatia, home of the wizard Kavel. Fighting an angry wizard in his tower proved quite a challenge, but the party eventually overcame him and returned to Serraine to present both culprits to the Mayor. Heydrech was locked in prison, but Kavel was set free since he was a foreign citizen.

Escape from Alphatia
In which the party may have found a way out of here

Tserdain, 17 Ambyrmont 1004

Master Terari made several more visits to the party over the next few months, updating them on the investigation and discussing Alphatian history, politics, and prison construction with them.

The party came to realize that Master Terari was interested in helping them escape. One day when he arrived with two of the passwall wands used to open the cells, the party took the opportunity to “pick-pocket” one of the wands from him.

They fought their way past prison patrols and into a sewer grate deep in a rarely used part of the prison. Emerging from the sewers, the party managed to recover the rest of their gear from the inn (including Amaryllis’ dog George), and talked their way on board an airship. Flying out pursued by the Alphatian Navy, the party managed to evade them long enough to approach a strange flying city in the clouds. Despite repeated warnings to turn back, the party continued flying towards the city, bringing them and their pursuers into range of the cities defenses. The Alphatian pursuers turned back before being shot down, but the party did not, managing a spectacular crash landing onto the airship docks of the city. They had crashed on Serraine, city of flying gnomes, where they were given resounding thanks for giving the gnomes something to repair, and congratulated on their impressive crash landing skills by one Snooperius T. Woodstocker, who volunteered to give them a tour of the city. (Or at least Amaryllis, who had used a hat of disguise to appear as a gnome.)

They were also summoned to the office of Mayor Santarian Keltander, who wanted to discuss the damage done by people randomly crashing airships into his city.

Current Events #1
In which a seemingly unrelated event occurs

Moldain, 11 Fyrmont 1004

Heldannic missionaries of Vanya travelling through the Ethengar Khanates are slaughtered for no apparent reason. Though the bodies are riddle with Ethengarian arrows, the horsemen deny any involvement.

It wasn't me
In which the party is caught red handed

Soladain, 21 Felmont 1004

Arriving in Alphatia, the party was given accomodations at a fine inn near the palace. The were granted audience with General Torenal, head of the Alphatian armed forces, but were told that they would need to return tomorrow to see Empress Eriadna. He also turned into a black clad elf who cast some sort of spell on them…

The party was awoken by the city guard later in a seedy part of town with the distinct memory that they had brutally murder General Torenal and then gone on a celebratory drinking binge.

The party was locked in a cell in the most secure prison in Alphatia. The cell contained bunks, a table which would provide food and water, and was only accessible by using a passwall wand. They were interrogated by Empress Eriadna herself, who took the expedient of using a wish spell to determine the details of the murder. Unfortunately, even this could not disentangle the two sets of memories the party had.

Master Terari came to visit them later, informing them that he had argued for a stay of execution, feeling it was important to determine the truth of the events since the potential of a mysterious enemy out weighed the Empress’s desires for revenge.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
In which the party meets the oldest man of all

Tserdain, 24 Flaurmont 1004

After taking a bit of rest from their last adventure, the party is contacted by Duke Stefan Karameikos. He informs them that certain parties might be seeking revenge for recent events. Coincedentially, he has also recently spoken with Baron Jeddarin Corran a Darokin nobleman who had recently made the Duke’s acquaintance when his cousin Teodor, a Karameikan horse trader, died. Baron Corran is seeking a group of adventurers to help him reclaim his family’s ancestral home, Corran Keep; the deed to which was recovered from Teodor’s possessions. The party agrees to help, and sets out on the trip to Darokin City to meet with Baron Corran.

Soladain, 7 Yarthmont

In Darokin City, the party meets with Baron Corran, who informs them that he had sent his son Noriad Corran up to the keep to investigate, and his son reported the keep had men inside it, men who glowed in the dark. Also, Noriad was attacked by glow in the dark birds that gave off sparks.

Gromdain, 16 Yarthmont

The party met Noriad at Fort Lakeside, where they stayed the night in preperation for the two day trek to Corran Keep.

Moldain, 18 Yarthmont

Corran Keep turns out to be a round donjon, built up against the side of a cliff. As they approach the party is attacked by the strange birds Noriad called Sprackles, crow-like birds that could strike out with bolts of lightning. Once inside the keep, the were attacked by strange men with grey skin like zombies, but who could move as quick as an elf and could shock with a touch. These Lightning Zombies were apparently trying to keep them from reaching someone called Lord Kazzak, but fled after the battle turned against them.

Deeper in the keep the party is attacked by leaping, glowing spiders with too many legs, and more of the Lightning Zombies. Realizing they have not found all of the Lightning Zombies from the original attack, or Lord Kazzak, the party searches the keep from top to bottom, until they locate a secret door leading into the cliff.

Inside they found a group of tombs and a library. Inside the library a young, and helpful, Lightning Zombie named Crackle help them understand what had happened to the keep. Baron Alexander Corran, his wife Lillian Corran, and their son Edgar Corran came to the area in 821 to establish a new dominion. Despite bringing guards and servants, the monsters in the area slowly wore them down. Lillian was carried off by some evil creature, possibly a vampire, and eventually no one was left. Crackle seems to think the strange, talking shield Lord Kazzak keeps had something to do with reanimating their bodies. He is pretty sure his body belonged to Edgar, and Lord Kazzak must be the Baron.

After defeating the, rather arogant, Lord Kazzak, the party isable to examine the strange shield Crackle had mentioned. Inside they see the face of a green-skinned man who tells them his name is Rheddrian. He also tells thm he needs to get free of the shield, that all magic in the world may depend on it. Rheddrian tells the party he is a travelled from another world, whose ship crashed on this planet over 3000 years ago. He believes that some of the devices from his ship are slowly draining the life out of the world.

Kendrick bravely volunteered to trade places with Rheddrian under assurances that Kendrick would remain in the shield only until a suitable replacement could be found. Upon escaping the shield Rheddrian immediately starts glowing, doubles over in pain, grows in height, and then stands up and disappears.

Later that night, the remaining party members are awakened by a glow in the middle of the camp. Rheddrian has returned with Kendrick, unharmed, and a chest of 1500 gold pieces. Rheddrian, after taking some time to figure out how, apparently swapped Kendrick for a dying old man who’s life will be extended by the mirror shield.

Veiled Society
In which a little old lady saves the duchy

Moldain 4 Flaurmont, 1004

The party arrived in Specularuam just in time for the Festival of Lucor, a parade and faire in honor of a legendary Traladaran cleric. During the parade a small confrontation took place between the Radu and Torenescu families. Seeing little come of this, the party moved on to find rooms at an inn. While there, they were approached by a man named Theosius, who asked them if they would be interested in work. The party indicated they would and Theosius told them he would be in touch, after providing a small retainer. Later, outside the inn, Kendrick was approached by three hooded men who informed him they might have “some things that need to be done”, and promised to tell him more the following night.

Nytdain 5 Flaurmont, 1004

The next morning, as the party is having a quiet breakfast, an old woman bursts into the inn. Ranting about demons in her cellar, she begs someone to help her. The party, being good of heart, and encouraged by the bartender’s display of gold, agrees to investigate.

Climbing down into the cellar, the party find little more than a large rat. However, in chasing it off, they hear strange noises from the other side of the wall. Apparently, the old woman has a secret door in her cellar. The door leads to a warren of hand dug tunnels underneath part of the city. In exploring the tunnels, the party interrupted a group of men expanding the tunnel system, and a second group burying a body.

Reporting the murder to the authorities, and proving there innocence through a simple clerical spell, the party was pressured to help investigate the murder. The victim turned out to be Lucia Vorloi, Baron Vorloi’s neice. A cursory examination uncovered a signet ring belonging to Stephanos Torenescu, a suitor she had recently spurned. However, other clues cast doubt on the murderer’s identity. Red hairs caught in the blood on the floor, a short length of hemp rope, pitch on the ladder rungs leading to the cellar of the Vorloi house, and 3 letters scrawled in blood near the site of the murder. Difficult to read they seem to spell BAD…BAO…RAD…RAO?

Late that afternoon, as the party continues their investigation, they encounter a man in the square decrying the Torenescu family, and attracting quite a crowd. The city guard arrives not long after, and from there things turn ugly. A rock thrown from somewhere in the crowd struck one of the guardsman, and a riot breaks out. The party managed to follow the orator away from the square, but was unable to catch up with him in the confusion.

Later that night, the party returns to the inn where a message is waiting, Theosius has asked them to meet him at a ship called the Jade Sea, to help guard a package bound for Senator Eipistlo’s house. Kendrick, however, receives a second message delivered by arrow, instructing him to go to Vintner’s Lane by the second bell. And so the party splits to attend their seperate meetings.

Kendrick meets a number of hooded men who inform him they are to prepare an ambush. Amaryllis and Neara are greeted at the Jade Sea by Simion Torenescu, who is apparently the package they are to deliver. As the group is about to leave the docks, they are approached by a group of ragged men with swords and clubs. However, instead of attacking one steps forward and informs them that Dimitrios, Ruler of Beggars, has sent them as an oath of homage to the Torenescu family. During the Veiled Society’s ambush prepared for Simion, Kendrick ambushes his new employers, and the party easily helps Simion reach his destination.

Loshdain 6 Flaurmont, 1004

The next day as the party continued the search for Lucia’s killer, a second riot breaks out. Turning down a side street to avoid the chaos, the party is ambushed by crossbowmen. Chasing down their attackers, the party trails them to a back entrance to the Blue Water Mead Hall, where a large man, possibly a half-ogre, blocked their passage. Forced to fight their way through him, the party snuck into the hall.

There they observed a secret meeting where robed men duscussed a plot to bring down Duke Stefan Karameikos. Not wishing to face the entire Veiled Society at once, they waited until the meeting concluded before searching further. Deeper in the hideout they discovered two members of the Radu family and a dead man, Anton Radu, the family head. Forced to fight each of the Radu brother’s in turn, the party secured evidence that the Radu had hired Lucia’s killer, and enough evidence to expose a large number of their members.

Bringing the evidence before the Duke the party was well rewarded with gold, and titles as Court Lord and Court Ladies of Karameikos, a title granted for outstanding service in support of the realm.


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