Wrath of the Immortals

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Horse Guards Parade
In which the party fails to guard horses, or be on parade

Lunadain 1 Thaumont, 1004

In Threshold, the party was hired by Stephan Sukiskyn, a horse trader, to guard his family’s latest shipment of white horses to the Callarii elves of south-western Karameikos. He arranged for transportation on a riverboat, down to Misha’s Ferry, one days march from the Sukiskyn Homestead.

On the way, they were assaulted by bandits of the Iron Ring, a notorious gang of cutthroats and slavers. After defeating the bandits, the party took a well deserved rest at Misha’s Ferry before setting out the next day for the homestead.

Under Siege
In which more than one Steven fails to appear

Lunadain 8 Thaumont, 1004

The party’s arrival at Sukiskyn is greeted with the sight of smoke and flames. Three tribes of goblin have the homestead under siege. After spending the night repelling goblin attackers, the party finds the horses they were sent to guard have been stolen.

The next morning, Pyotr Sukiskyn sent the party to track down the horses. They followed the horses tracks to a small camp in the Dymrak forest where they secured their return.

After returning to the homestead the party discovered that a nearby logging camp had also been attacked by the goblins, and its inhabitants kidnapped, including Content Not Found: 13357.

Reckoning with the Wolfskull
In which no one is named Mario, but someone is in another castle

Moldain 11 Thaumont, 1004

After learning of Stephan’s kidnapping, the party tracked the Wolfskull goblins to their lair in a section of the forest that had been magically petrified long ago. After a desperate battle with the goblin king and his thoul (ghoul/troll/hobgoblin crossbreeds)bodyguards that taxed the party to their limits, the party found the only prisoner left was an old woman. She tells them the others were taken to a ruined city called Xitaqa to be interrogated by a man named Golthar who was responsible for the attacks.

Black Moor Nights
In which the party sees more blood red than deep purple

Soladain 14 Thaumont, 1004

Much to the parties disappointment no one at Sukiskyn can tell them the location of Xitaqa. However, Kuzma, Pyotr’s mother, tells them the can summon the “horse-man of the moors” by whistling at midnight on the high moor, while standing on one leg".

Despite the seemingly foolish procedure, a chevall (centaur druid) named Loshad responds to the parties summons. However, he wants a high price for his information: the head of a werewolf that has been attacking the wild horses on the moor.

Armed with whatever silver weapons they can find, the party assaults the wolf pack in their lair, and returns to Loshad victorious.

Given the location of the ruins, the party heads for Xitaqa to rescue Stephan Sukiskyn and confront Golthar.

A needle pulling thread
In which the party unravels an evil plot

Lunadain 15 Thaumont, 1004

The party discovers that Xitaqa is a maze of a ruined city with a tower at its center, patrolled by packs of goblins, and flown over by clouds of bats.

The party made their way through the ruins and up the tower fighting goblin patrols along the way. At the top of the tower they found Stephan tied up in an empty room. Stephan warns the party just in time, as they are attacked by an invisible minotaur, in what turns out to be an invisible maze.

Just as the minotaur is defeated an explosion rocks the tower. The party climbs the final floor to see Golthar flying away through a hole he blasted in the top of tower.

Stephan thanks the party for his rescue and explains the reason for the kidnappings. Golthar is searching for a mysterious tapestry that will lead him to an ancient treasure, a tapestry that hangs in the main hall of Sukiskyn. And one that can be activated by using the silver needle and golden thread that Golthar left behind in his hasty flight.

The party returns to Sukiskyn victorious, and Stephan activates the tapestry. The silver needle weaves a golden thread across the tapestry, drawing the abstract shapes into a detailed map depicting a valley high in the mountains north of Threshold.

Stephan asks the party to complete their original mission of delivering the horses, then asks if he can accompany the party to the valley. He wants to see first hand the secrets his family’s tapestry revealed.

The party agrees and they set off for the forest of the elves, and then Threshold.

On the Threshold of adventure
In which who is ambushing whom rapidly becomes less important

Soladain 21 Thaumont, 1004

On the way to Threshold, the party is again encounters Loshad the chevall. He informs them a group of men who “chain up men and horses alike” has been seen nearby. While his primary concern is the well-being of the horses, this tells the party the Iron Ring is active nearby. Since Golthar seems to be a member, the party decides to deal with the slavers before they can ambush the party.

After defeating the slavers, the party arrived in Threshold. As they are walking the streets, the see an old woman about to be run over by a cart. As a reward for rescuing her she tells their fortunes, saying: “A man in yellow robes stands below the sign of crossed swords, he searches for something… but no, no the picture is gone.”

Recognizing Golthar as the man in the yellow robes, the party tracks down the location of the Inn of Crossed Swords on Fogor Isle, the seedy district of Threshold, located on an island in the middle of the river.

Suspecting a trap, the party scouts the inn. Alerting Golthar’s wererat scout that they party is in position to be ambushed. Unfortunately for the scout, the party sees him sneaking away, and follows him to Golthar’s hideout. Unfortunately, for the party the scout spots the party following him, and puts Golthar and his friends on alert that the party is incoming.

In the end a prepared party assaults a prepared Golthar in his hideout. An event that ends badly for Golthar and his allies.

Now, free of the Iron Ring’s pursuit, the party heads out the next day for the lost valley.

They'll be comin' round the mountain
In which a slight misunderstanding has serious repercussions

Lunadain 22 Thaumont, 1004

Not long after leaving Threshold, the party encounters a gruesome sight, the bodies of three hunters slain by gnolls. Not long after the party is engulfed in mist, a common occurance as one climbs higher into the mountains. Unfortunately, in the mist, the party stumbles onto a gnoll burial ground. Worse the gnoll shaman mistakes them for looters and attacks. After a battle with the gnoll and her ghoul servants, the party moves on.

Above the mist they realize matters have gotten well out of hand. Apparently the, gnolls have taken umbrage to the defiling of their burial ground. Beating war drums a gnoll horde is pursuing them up the trail.

Racing ahead of the gnoll horde, the party enters a narrow tunnel in the mountains, one which the gnolls apparently won’t enter for fear of what’s on the other side.

Taking the high road
In which the party develops a healthy fear of statuary

Gromdain 23 Thaumont, 1004

Crossing through the tunnel, the party finds a stone bridge, on the far side of which is a ruined guard house, occupied only by two steel statues; magical steel constructs set to guard the pass. After a difficult battle where the party discovered that not only were steel weapons ineffective, but that non-magical ones could be absorbed by the statues, they continued on.

Passing over several more bridges and driving off some of the mountain’s natural inhabitants, the party finally reached the gates of the valley. Gates guarded by 12 foot tall, jackal headed statues. Statues, that came to life to guard the gates. And statues that could spray burning magma from their hands. After reducing them to slowly cooling pools of rock, the party was finally able to enter the valley.

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
In which something dwells in the house of their lord

Tserdain 24 Thaumont, 1004

The party quickly discovered that the valley was inhabited, by two competing tribes of humanoids. One was an tribe of people that distinctly resembled the ancient Traldar humans of the area. The other was a tribe of jackal-headed humanoids called Hutaakans. They had apparently been feuding for many generations. The Hutaakans were originally the priests and rulers, the Traldar the workers and, in their opinion, slaves.

The party also discovered that the valley was home to roving bands of undead, which the Traldar claimed were created by the Hutaakans. And by something worse. Trails of slime, mysterious screams in the night, and missing members of both tribes.

After visiting with the leaders of both tribes, the party chose to help the Traldar in their mission to eliminate the undead from the valley. They believed that the undead would be defeated “if the altar bowl in Pflarr’s temple were filled with water from the singing pool”. Since it would take more than a day to make the round trip journey to the pool, they asked the party to get them the water.

After being harrassed by two Rhagodessa (spiders with grasping hook-like legs) that resided near the pool, they returned with the water. The Traldar accompanied them to the temple, where the Traldar held of the zombies and skeletons in the temple as the party searched for the missing altar bowl. Once it was located, and filled with the water, the undead fell at last.

Unfortunately, it seems the undead were not behind the mysterious death. Following a trail of slime into a rocky tunnel beneath the temple, the party finally encountered the source of the attacks. A foul abomination of the Far Realm, a maddening ooze composed of eyes and razor sharp mouths, locked beneath the temple long ago, and recently freed by an earthquake that damaged its prison.

After defeating the beast, and laden with the temple’s treasure, the party made a hasty exit from the valley, avoiding the greedy eyes of both tribes.

Stephan took his leave not long after they returned to civilization, having seen enough of adventure. The party continued on to the capital of Specularuam, looking for further adventures.


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