Al Kalim

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Lawful Good Time The Dream of the Desert Garden, Ylaruam The silhouette of a palm tree with the moon rising behind it


Most of the time Al-Kalim appears as an elderly patriarch of the Ylari people, with a long beard and dressed in plain clerical robes. When he feels agressive action might be called form he takes the form of a tall, handsome, hook-nosed, bearded desert warrior atop a fine stallion.


Suleiman al-Kalim was born in AC 800 to the Alasiyan nomads of what would become the Emirates of Ylaruam. A leader in both war and peace, he created a new form of government for his people to hold the tribes together as one nation. After a quarter century of rule, he retired from government and turned his attention to the future of his people. Over the next 40 years he penned the Nahmeh, a book of rule of government, military tactics, parables, and his vision for the future. Al-Kalim believed the Ylari could work together to make their desert home into a lush, green nation.


A warrior, ruler, scholar and visionary, Al-Kalim can be tolerant but is ruthless when those under his protection are threatened. In war, he recognizes no distinction between warrior and civilian. He has the passionate love of growing things found only in those who have lived their lives in arid, desolate places.


Al-Kalim is worshipped exclusively in Ylaruam were his worship is mandatory.


Al-Kalim has no specific allies, though he still owes service to his sponsor Protius.


Al-Kalim has no personal enemies.

Al Kalim

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