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Government: Monarchy (and Council of Clanmasters)

Primary Industries: Art, Furs

When Blackmoor destroyed itself in the Great Rain of Fire, Ilsundal led the elves on a great migration that eventually led them to the Sylvan Realm, a land far to the west of Alfheim. Eventually, humans came to the Sylvan Realm and cut back the forests. It was then that Mealiden led the elves across the Rainbow Bridge to the area that would become Alfheim. Using powerful magics, the elves raised the forest of Alfheim on what had once been barren land.

Unsurprisingly, most religion in Alfheim is centered around the worship of Ilsundal, the first elven Immortal. A number of clans, especially the Mealidil, extend their worship to Mealiden as well. A few elves also include Eiryndul, Zirchev, and Calitha in their worship. Non-elves living in Alfheim may have brought their home’s religious views with them.

Alfheim is one huge forest nearly 25000 square miles in size. Some of the terrain is hillier, other places dotted with open glade, but always covered in trees, many of which grow to sizes unseen elsewhere in the world. Rivers course throughout the forest, but strangely do not extend beyond the borders of the forest.

Alfheim’s population is almost exclusivly elven. Though some humans, dwarves, and halflings make their homes in Alfheim Town, the most city-like place in the nation. Rumors hold that another significant population of Alfheim are the courts of the Fey, though no outsider has been able to confirm them.

Alfheim’s trees do not normally shelter the humanoid races that other nations have trouble with. Instead all manner of fey creatures inhabit the woods, Treants, Dryads, Sprites, Pixies, Fomorians, and more.


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