The Roaring Fiend

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Chaotic Evil Entropy Destruction A horned skull in front of a phoenix


Alphaks appears as a balor, 12 foot tall, horned, with huge bat wings. He carries a sword in his right hand and a whip in his left.


Over 2000 years ago Alphaks was the mortal ruler of a kingdom called Alphatia, on a far away world on another plane of existence. When a dispute between two sects of wizards called the Followers of Flame and the Followers of Air broke out, Alphaks unwisely sided with the flame mages. This led to civil war, and the destruction of the entire planet. Alphaks became an Immortal with Thanatos as his sponsor. About 200 years ago, he tracked the survivors of his homeworld to Mystara.


Alphaks is intelligent and cultured, but spoiled and prone to tantrums and fits of rage. He considers himself Thanatos’ protege, but lacks his patron’s subtlety and patience.


Alphaks is worshipped by small, violent cults in various places. He is especially worshipped by those who would like to see the downfall of the Alphatian Empire.


Alphaks finds it difficult to keep allies. His patron finds him far too crude to entrust with any of his plots.


Most non-Entropic Immortals consider Alphaks an enemy to some degree. His particular enemies include, Alphatia, Ka, Koryis, and Razud.


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