Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Good Energy Alphatia A shield painted like an artist’s palette


Alphatia appears as a copper-skinned Alphatian woman, young and beautiful, but wearing poor quality robes. She goes barefoot and wears no jewelry.


In life Alphatia was a “common” (copper-skinned) Alphatian woman named Aasla from the Alphatian homeworld. After the Alphatian’s arrived on Mystara 2000 years ago, she led followers to an unsettled area and built a city named after herself to get away from the racist emperor, a member of the “pure” (pale-skinned) Alphatian race. She transformed the land around the city into a model of civilization and achieved Immortality, sponsored by Razud, as a patron of common and pure Alphatians alike.


Far from the embodiment of the Alphatia way of life, Alphatia is a pacifist who believes the Alphatian’s political intrigues destract them from the study of the magical arts.


Alphatia is worshipped in Bellissaria, Norwold, and the Isle of Dawn. Her worship has not spread much beyond the Alphatian Empire.


Alphatia is generally well liked. Her closest allies are Koryis and Razud.


Alphatia’s sole Immortal enemy is Alphaks.


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