Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Evil Entropy Corruption A feathered serpent


Atzanteotl often appears as a handsome, but sinister looking, elven hero dressed in black. Less often he appears as a jet black feathered serpent with the face of an elf.


Atzanteotl was an elven clan-lord some 3,700 years ago. His clan accidentally triggered an ancient device of Blackmoor, creating the Broken Lands and driving his clan underground. After wandering underground for many decades, and losing his clan in the process, Atzanteotl emerged in the Hollow World. He learned from, than began the corruption of, the Azcans. After becoming Immortal, he turned the Azcans away from Ixion and Ka, and corrupted many of the remaining subterranean elves.


Fascinated by corruption, Atzanteotl enjoys nothing so much as watching something good turn to evil. Once they have turned, however, he quickly loses interest. He harbors an unrelenting hatred for the surface elves and, to a lesser extent, all life on the outer world.


Atzanteotl is worshipped primarily by the Azcans and the Schattenalfen of the Hollow World. A number of Shadow Elves and members of other humanoid races worship him as well.


Atzanteotl has no allies. He and his patron, Thanatos, do not get along. A case of the student turning out too well for the master’s comfort.


Atzanteotl has no lack of enemies. Ilsundal despises him for his corruption of the elves. Ixion and Ka are similarly upset about the Azcans. Karaash loathes his interference with the humanoid races. Rafiel similarly hates him for his corruption of the Shadow Elves.


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