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Sind Darokin Ylaruam
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Government: Plutocracy

Primary Industries: Merchant trade, shipping

A nation of merchants, Darokin lives by the golden rule; namely that whoever has the gold makes the rules, literally. Voting power within the government is directly related to a citizens net worth. Darokin has been largely founded by refugees and the dispossessed from the conflicts in neighboring nations. Darokin has come to be proud of its “melting pot” culture, though its critics have termed it a “land of leftovers”.

Darokin holds freedom of religion, like many freedoms, among its highest values. Many different Immortals are worshipped here, even those that might be outlawed or worshipped in secret in other nations. Despite their tolerance, the citizens of Darokin do not construct temples as often as other nations, believing religion to be more of a private matter.

Darokin’s terrain varies widely, but the settled areas are concentrated primarily on the central river plain, and around the large expanse of Lake Amsorak in the west. To the south a low line of mountains seperates Darokin from the Five Shires. The nation of Alfheim is entirely contained within eastern Darokin, though the area immediately to the north and east of Alfheim rapidly rises to high mountains.

Darokin’s population is primarily human, though halflings from the Five Shires often travel through the area. The elves of Alfheim also make occasional trips to human cities, though most tend to stay inside Alfheim. Occasional parties of dwarves from Rockhome visit, primarily for trade.

Darokin has an orc problem. Bordered by the Broken Lands orc raids are common, and some have even been so bold as to establish orcish settlements within Darokin’s borders. In addition to orcs, trolls, ogres, and the occasional giant are common problems.


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