Wendar Heldann Heldann
Glantri Ethengar Vestland
Broken Lands Darokin Rockhome

Government: Tribal khans, sometimes united under a Great Khan

Primary Industries: Horses, Raiding

When Blackmoor destroyed itself in the Great Rain of Fire, the spirits of the Spirit World were drawn into the land, and some sought out a people with whom to share their existence in the mortal plane, the World Yurt as the Ethengar call it. They found a people on the fringes of Blackmoor, hunter-gatherers who had never accepted Blackmoor’s way of life. As the land changed and the ice moved, these people wandered the land until they came to a sheltered land where the grass grew tall and the animals were plentiful, here the Ethengar settled and stayed.

The Ethengar people are animists, believing that beings from the spirit world came long ago to protect Mystara from the forces of Entropy. They believe these spirits reside in all things, some beneficial and some harmful. The also give worship to three Immortals, Yamuga the Yurt Dweller (another name of Terra), Tubak the Law Giver (Ixion), and Cretia the Lord of Chaos.

The territory of the Ethengar is a vast steppe, called the Sea of Grass, cut across by the Streel and Krandal rivers. It rises to the west near Glantri, and the south near Rockhome, and slopes down as the land approachs the sea to the east near Vestland. Near the center of the plain is the areas only mountain, called the World Mountain, in the center of the Land of Black Sand, a place where many spirits corrupted by the power of Entropy reside.

The Ethengar are human, living in several large tribes that roam the plains. Other races met here are almost certainly outsiders.

Orcs, goblins, and gnolls are common here, many of which have adopted a similar lifestyle to the Ethengar.


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