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Sind Darokin Broken Lands

Government: Magocracy

Primary Industries: Magical goods, others by Principality

Glantri has originally settled by the remenants of the remenants of the Alphatian Followers of the Flame, drawn by a strange magical emmination in the area. Later, Traladaran and elven settlers joined them in the area. After a period of conflict between the two groups, a wizard named Halzunthram declared the area a protectorate of Alphatia, causing a revolt and sparking the Forty Years War. The war ends when Lord Alexander Glantri, a Thyatian war hero, ambushes Halzunthram and establishes the government Glantri knows now. Today, Glantri is a collection of allied principalities, each ruled by a powerful wizard. Nobility is reserved for wizards alone, with each one’s magical prowess determining their place on the council.

Religion is outlawed in Glantri and being a Cleric or Paladin is a crime. Somewhat paradoxically, the Shepherds of Rad maintains an extensive network of temples throughout the principalities. The Shepherds are an exclusively Glantrian organization that believes they hear the will of the Radiance, which they believe is the source of all magic.

A large part of Glantri’s territory is mountainous. Most of its population lives along the Vesubia and Isoile rivers, or one of their tributaries, which cut wide valleys through the mountains. These extensively farmed valleys rise into heather covered hills, and then up into towering mountains. Blue pine forests cover the lower slopes of the northern mountins, while oak forests dot the lands of the southern, elven principalities.

Glantri is a mostly human nation, though two of its principalities, Belcadiz and Erewan, are primarily elven. Halflings are rare, and dwarves avoid Glantri if at all possible; some wizards have been known to use dwarves as test subjects because of their legendary resilience.

Most of the humanoid races shun Glantri. The Glantrian military has shown them no love in the past. Other more human-looking creatures are rumored to make their homes in Glantri however. New Averoigne is said to have an extensive lycanthropy problem, while Boldavia is rumored to be home to a network of vampires; possibly including Prince Morphail Gorewitch-Woszlany.


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