Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Evil Entropy The Underworld A black throne


Hel appears clad in jet black clothing. One half of her face is that of a beautiful woman, while the other is blank and featureless. She is usually shown seated on a dark throne.


Hel is as old as the oldest Immortals. She either does not remember her mortal life: either she is a force of nature, or she achieved Immortality so long ago her mortal existence has been forgotten.


Unlike many Entropic Immortals, Hel sees Entropy as an important part of the balance of the multiverse, an inseperable part of all natural processes. She is fascinated by the prospect of capturing spirits of the dead and reincarnating the especially evil to bring more pain and suffering to the world.


Hel is primarily worshipped in Ostland, Vestland, and Soderfjord, where her worshipped is considered evil and outlawed to various extents. Like most powerful Immortals, Hel has small followings over the entire world.


Hel has no known allies. She and Thanatos have a grudging respect for each other, and she enjoys watching the plots of Loki, which she finds amusing.


Hel’s primary opponents are the other Northern Reaches Immortals incliding Odin and Thor. She is also opposed by any Immortal that focuses on the preservation of life especially Ka the Preserver.


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