The Wise

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Lawful Good Energy Elves A white silhouette of an oak tree


Ilsundal typically appears as a wise-eyed, aged elf. His specific appearance often varies as he does not wish to associate himself with any one tribe or subrace of elves.


Ilsundal was one of the first elves, born in the land of Evergrun in the ancient past. Evergrun was overrun by ice and destroyed in the Great Rain of Fire that destroyed Blackmoor and altered the planet forever. Ilsundal lead many elves away from the southern continent and back to their traditions of nature magic. After reaching the Sylvan Realm, Ilsundal achieved Immortality, in the process creating the first Tree of Life.


Ilsundal is kindly, wise, peaceful, and philosophical. He can be stern and iron-willed when it comes to motivating the elves to prosper.


Ilsundal is almost exclusively worshipped by the elves.


Ilsundal’s staunchest ally is Mealiden, and he is on good terms with the other elven Immortals including Calitha.


Ilsundal’s greatest enemy is Atzanteotl who was responsible for the corruption of the Schattenalfen. He finds the trickster Eiryndul trying, but does not consider him an enemy.


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