The inhabitants of Mystara use the term Immortal to discribe any being of god-like power, whether they are true gods, primordials, demon lords, powerful nature spirits, even some beings of the Far Realm. Many are mortals who’s wordly deeds exalted them in the minds and hearts of the world, a being who truly fulfilled an epic destiny.

They are worshipped equivalently to the Gods or Deities of other worlds, and the terms are often used interchangeably by the people of Mystara. Sages and mystics have debated extensively about the difference, if any, between a God and an Immortal with little to show for it. Some Immortals share the same names as powerful entities from other planes of existence, whether they are the same being, a usurper of the name, or if this is merely some great cosmic coincedence is unknown. For most of Mystara the answer is meaningless, assuming they even understand the question.

The Immortals, no matter their origins, are divided into five spheres of influence, four of order and one of chaos. Some theories propose a time before the creation of the world when this was reversed, but again this is a matter for the sages. Beings in the world are considered to be composed of the four spheres of order, with Energy as the soul, Thought as the mind, Matter as the body, and Time providing a continuous existence. Eventually the forces of Entropy break the links between these four disparate parts, causing what mortals view as death.

In game terms, each sphere is associated with an element, a damage type, and an alignment as shown on the table below. In each case there may be exceptions, but the associations shown are by far the norm.

Sphere Element Damage Type Alignment
Energy Fire Fire or Radiant Chaotic
Entropy Nothing Necrotic Evil
Matter Earth Acid or Thunder Lawful
Time Water Cold Unaligned
Thought Air Lightning Good


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