The Preserver, The Amber Serpent, Kalaktatla

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Unlaigned Matter Survival A couatl


Ka has several forms, each associated with one of his names. As Ka the Preserver he appears as a huge bipedal behemoth with amber skin. As the Amber Serpent he takes the form of a gold dragon. And as Kalaktatla he manifests as an amber-colored couatl. He may occasionally appear as a tall golden-skinned humanoid, but only in very rare instances.


Ka was once a bipedal behemoth, a 45 foot carnivorous reptile, but, unlike others of his kind, he was born with the capacity for great intellect. Searching the world for other intelligences he was noticed by the Immortal Terra who became his sponsor.


Ka is studious and thoughtful with a keen appreciation of lifes diversity. He likes to help his followers along the path he took – from blind hunger and self-interest to enlightenment.


Ka is the patron of most good lizardmen and the tortles. He is one of the Immortals worshipped by the goliaths, ass well as other more remote cultures. He is particularly worshipped by cultures in the Hollow World.


Ka has helped many Immortals on their quests for knowledge and has many allies, especially Ixion, Korotiku, and Ordana.


Ka considers each Entropic Immortal his personal enemy, especially Alphaks, Atzanteotl, Hel, and Thanatos.


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