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Five Shires Karameikos Thyatis
Ierendi Minrothad Minrothad

Government: (presumed) Hereditary Monarchy

Primary Industries: lumber, horses, fishing, mining

Originally inhabited by a loose collection of Traladaran families, Karameikos was conquered in the name of Thyatis approximately 30 years ago by Duke Stefan Karameikos. Duke Stefan gave up his ancestral lands in Thyatis in exchange for this territory. He has brought centralized government, codified law, roads, and greatly increased trade to their area. Some of the areas inhabitants applaude their improved lifestyle, others resent the idea of being a conquered nation.

While worshippers of other Immortals are fairly common, most people in Karameikos belong to one of two main churches: The Church of Traladara, which primarily worships Halav, Petra, and Zirchev, or the Church of Karameikos which primarily worships Asterius, Kagyar, Ilsundal, Valerias, and Vanya. A third notable group is the Cult of Halav, which is an offshoot of the Church of Traladara that believes Duke Stefan is the reincarnation of Halav, and will lead Karameikos to a new golden age.

The terrain of Karameikos varies from coastal plains and forests in the south, rising to deep forests and moors, and eventually to high mountains in the north.

In addition to the human population, Karameikos has a notable halfling population, primarily in the west. Both the Vyalia and Calarii elf clans make their homes in Karameikos’ forests. A large gnomish community is located in High Forge in northern Karameikos, and the mountains to the north hold several dwarven mining communities. The wilder places are also home to centaurs and other fey creatures.

Less friendly humanoids include the goblins in the forests and gnolls in the mountains. Stories of were-creatures, vampires, dragons and other terrible creatures abound, though how much is truth and how much is superstition remains to be seen.


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