The Spider, The Trickster

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Unaligned Thought Cleverness A spider’s silhouette


Korotiku has two common forms. One is a huge, black spider with a comically roly-poly human face; the other is a tall, elegant, dark-skinned man of the Pearl Islands.


Korotiku is one of the oldest Immortals and, as is typical of such beings, does not remember his mortal existence. He feels it is likely he was a planar spider, given his affinity for spiders, and surmises that his sponsor removed the memory of his mortal existence once he achieved Immortality.


Korotiku is a mischievous prankster. His goals are to shake up the lives of the complacent, make the pompous look silly, to shatter illusions, and to reward the clever. These goals are all in the cause of making people think. Everytime he shatters an illusion, someone must think about their beliefs. When he makes someone looks silly, they must think about their values. When he startles the calm, he forces them out of a non-thinking state. His goal is essentially to trick every sentient being into thinking as much as possible.


Korotiku is a patron of clever fighters and rogues everywhere, though he is primarily worshipped by the people of the Pearl Islands.


Korotiku’s personal friends include the other clever Immortals Asterius and Eiryndul.


In all the multiverse, Korotiku hates one being above all others: Loki. He dispises Loki’s use of cleverness as a means of destruction and betrayal, and opposes him wherever he can.


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