Bozdogan, Farbautides, Lokar, Prince of Deceit

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Chaotic Evil Entropy Betrayal A goblet of poison


Loki appears as a slender, hawk-faced, bright-eyed northman. He has flaming red hair and wears the furs typical to the northern peoples. He typically appears unarmed.


Loki was a clever wizard and trickster of the Anatalian tribes, which became the peoples of Ostland, Vestland, and Soderfjord. A master of fire magic he began his quest for Immortality in the sphere of Energy with Rathanos as his sponsor, but somewhere along the way he began to listen to the corrupting voice of Thanatos. He listened; he believed; and eventually he turned.


Loki is perhaps the most charming of the Entropic Immortals. He does not often cooperate with the other Entopics, prefering instead to do favors for the Immortals of other spheres, either to lull them into a false sense of security, or to persuaded them that he might be turned from evil. This is of course all lies, Loki is having too much fun with his destructive mischief to ever truly reform.


Loki is primarily worshipped in Ostland, Vestland, and Soderfjord; and the nation of Hule, where he is called Bozdogan. He is also a patron of thieves, trouble-makers, con-men, and politicians everywhere.


Loki, like many Entropics, has no true allies. He and Hel get along well, but do not often conspire together. He often makes temporary alliances with Immortals of the other spheres, typically claiming he is ready to reform, but this is often merely a ruse to betray or humiliate them before returning to his old ways.


Loki’s primary opponents are the other Northern Reaches Immortals incliding Odin and Thor, who he constantly harrasses. Loki is also despised by Korotiku, who hates his use of cleverness and intelligence to bring grief.


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