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A summary of some of the major Immortals is listed below.
There are many more than those listed here, with each individual race often having its own list of Immortal patrons, some of which may be wholly seperate beings, and other merely alternate names for Immortals known by a different name elsewhere.

Name Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Al-Kalim Lawful Good Time The Dream of the Desert Garden, Ylaruam The silhouette of a palm tree with the moon rising behind it
Alphaks Chaotic Evil Entropy Revenge A horned skull in front of a phoenix
Alphatia Good Energy Alphatia A shield painted like an artist’s palette
Asterius Good Thought Merchants and Thieves The moon
Atruaghin Good Matter Tribal Society A feathered headdress
Atzanteotl Evil Entropy Corruption A feathered serpent
Calitha Good Time Sea Creatures A pearl in a shell
Diulanna Unaligned Thought Willpower A spear through a boulder
Eiryndul Unaligned Energy Mischief A cheshire cat smile
Garl Glitterlode Good Matter Gnomes A glittering gem
Halav Good Thought Warfare A sword on an anvil
Hel Evil Entropy The Underworld A black throne
Ilsundal Good Energy Elves A white silhouette of an oak tree
Ixion Good Energy The Sun A flaming chariot wheel
Ka Unaligned Matter Survival A couatl
Kagyar Good Matter Dwarves A crossed hammer and chisel
Karaash Unaligned Energy Battle A serrated greatsword
Korotiku Unaligned Thought Cleverness A spider
Koryis Unaligned Thought Peace A hand, palm out
Kurtulmak Unaligned Energy Kobolds A helm of the northern reaches
Loki Chaotic Evil Entropy Betrayal A goblet of poison
Masauwu Evil Entropy Pacts A crossroads
Mealiden Good Energy Forest Warriors A rainbow between two stars
Noumena Unaligned Thought Puzzles and Mysteries A chessboard
Nyx Unaligned Entropy Night An eclipse
Odin Good Thought Wisdom Two ravens whispering to a man
Orcus Chaotic Evil Entropy Destruction A skull with ram’s horns
Othar Lawful Good Energy Defending the Innocent A sword cleaving a dragon’s skull
Petra Good Time Civilization A bossed shield
Pflarr Unaligned Energy Creation A jackal’s head with human eyes
Protius Unaligned Time The Ocean A trident
Rad Unaligned Energy Magic Three hemispheres forming a triangle
Rafiel Good Energy Shadow Elves A book with a star on the cover
Rathanos Unaligned Energy Fire A burning brand
Razud Unaligned Energy Self-sufficience A tree made of stone
Terra Good Matter Life A ring of stones surrounding a flower
Thanatos Chaotic Evil Entropy Death A scythe
Thor Good Energy Honor A warhammer
Valerias Unaligned Matter Passion A thorned rose
Vanya Unaligned Time Conquest A black lion
Zirchev Unaligned Energy Forest creatures A hawk riding a wolf

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