Starwatcher, The Red Arrow

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Good Energy Forest Warriors a rainbow between 2 stars


Mealiden appears as a young, cocky elf clad in forest green and carrying an elven longbow. Several starlike sparks fly around his head; slowly when his is calm, and quickly when he is agitated.


Mealiden was an elf of the Sylvan Realm to the west of the Known World. When the Sylvan Realm became surrounded by human cultures and its elves trapped, he devoted his efforts to finding a way for them to escape. Eventually he discovered the Rainbow Path, a magical means of travel that allowed him to lead thousands of elves out of the Sylvan realm and into what would later become Alfheim.


In life Mealiden was an elf-archer. The sort that leaps from tree to tree and laughs at his groundbound foes. When he undertook the responsibility for saving the elves he became somewhat more serious, but he still likes bold, mocking, light-spirited adventurers. He currently has no personal ambitions.


Mealiden is primarily worshipped by elves, either directly or as the bodyguard of Ilsundal. He is also a favored patron of rangers because of his history and swashbucklers because of his propensity for light-heartedness even in the face of serious opposition.


Mealiden’s closest ally is his fellow elven Immortal, Ilsundal.


Mealiden considers Ilsundal’s enemies to be his own. However, Ilsundal’s enemies often regard him as merely a lackey to be batted aside.


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