A nagpa resembles a humanoid form except its head is like vulture-like and its body is dry and withered like someone very old. It is surrounded by a strange odour of bird droppings, mustiness, dust, and spoiled alchemical things.

There is much speculation on the true origins of the nagpa. The nagpa claim they came from another plane, one that was very advanced and learned. In the process of travelling through a gate or wormhole to Mystara, the stress caused them to forget much of their origins. What little is known is veiled in fragmented dreams. Other scholars however, believe that nagpa were the product of a long forgotten Immortal’s curse. It is believed the nagpa were an advanced, magical society that affronted an immortal. His punishment was swift and severe: corrupting the nagpa into their current state, knowing nothing of their origins and never knowing the freedom of death.

Very few people know of their existence, something the nagpa are very happy with. They will go to extreme lengths to keep the details of their existence as secret as possible, including murder. When searching for information or dealing with non-nagpa, nagpa will often use magic to hide their true nature.

Regardless of their origins, nagpa are at the very least unpleasant creatures to deal with, at worse corrupt and evil beings thinking only of themselves. They are often anti-social and are wholly unable to express emotions. The nagpa are quick to say they are merely serious creatures not given to frivolity and possessing large quantities of cynicism and world-weariness. The result is the same however- no-one likes being around them.

Because of their reincarnation at death, nagpa, during their daily kariwa meditation, focus on their past lives for knowledge and wisdom. Nagpa are extremely learned, and love knowledge- the more arcane and obscure the better. They amass great libraries of books, scrolls and manuscripts on every topic imaginable. Nagpa are usually found near crypts and mausoleums, or other very out of the way places. The have no problem animating the dead to serve them, or enslaving any unfortunate victim that happens in their lairs.


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