Wotan, Viuden

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Good Thought Wisdom Two ravens, whispering to a man


Odin is one of the few Immortals that forgoes an immaculate appearance, he appears as a bearded old man with broad shoulders and a bent back. He dresses in all grey, from his weatherbeaten hat to his tattered cloak, and leans on a staff (in fact a highly enchanted spear) as he walks. He wears a patch over one eye. Wherever he goes his two pet ravens, Hugin and Mugin will be somewhere nearby.


Odin is one of the oldest Immortals and, as is typical, does not remember a mortal life. Being knowledgeable in the ways of Immortality he concludes that he must have been mortal at one point, but that whatever process caused his ascension must have stripped away his memory of mortal life. he has spent much of his existence travelling the multiverse, observing sentient races, and learning how their minds work.


Odin encourages his followers to use their intelligense to appreciate their life, to seek wisdom, but not be made cold by knowledge. A leader of warriors who rarely takes the field himself, he encourages kings and warlords to lead wisely but encourages them to enjoy life while they can.


Odin is the primary Immortal of the Northern Reaches, and his worship is compulsory in Ostland. He is also worshipped, as Viuden, in the Hinterlands.


Odin’s greatest allies are his fellow Northern Reaches Immortals.


Odin’s has two primary opponents. Loki, who focuses much of his mischief on men of the Northern Reaches, and Hel, who hates his pure, glowing, love of life. Odin has gained more of Hel’s ire since he began reincarnating the soul of good being into the children of important rulers, a trick he stole from her.


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