Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Lawful Good Energy Defending the Innocent A sword cleaving a dragon’s skull


Othar appears as a large, well-muscled man wearing the armor common to ancient Darokin. He carries the elven greatsword Camb, which he used to slay the ancient dragon Calor.


Othar was a hero of ancient Darokin, famed as a dragon-slayer. He lived in the time between the fall of Blackmoor and the rise of the modern nations. He and his companion Sinan, a female elf, fought many evils in the ancient world. His career ended battling an ancient red dragon named Calor that had been terrorizing the area that would become northern Darokin. Sinan survived the battle and buried Othar under a large cairn, building another over the bones of Calor, who had Othar’s sword Camb still imbedded in his skull.


Always a defender of the innocent in life, Othar continues to exhort his followers to follow his example. He encourages his followers, often paladins, to travel the world searching for wrongs to right and evils to defeat.


The worship of Othar is apparently exceedingly rare, primarily practiced by wandering paladins.


Othar has no known Immortal allies. Presumably his Immortal sponsor remains his ally. Given his personality, Ixion and Thor are likely sponsors.


Othar has no known enemies. Though his exhortations to defeat evil would almost certainly earn him the enmity of every Entropic Immortal.


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