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Government: Mayor

Primary Industries: Tourism

Serraine is a flying gnomish city of “no fixed address”. Powered largely by an ancient artifact of Blackmoor, Serraine stays aloft through judicious use of elemental power and the mechanical devices built by its gnomish residents. Since its launch, Serraine has yet to touch land.

Given the high gnomish population it is unsurprising that Garl Glitterlode enjoys a huge following. Even the non-gnomish population pays some homage to him, even if there prayers consist mostly of plees for him to prevent the gnomes from tinkering to much and bringing the city crashing down. Other Immortals have small followings, either because immigrants brought their worship with them, or because of their associations with the sky.

The terrain, such as there is, is entirely city, though some area has been reserved as small parks. This city also includes an extensive, undergound network of tunnels, devices, piping, and other mysterious contraptions in various states of working order.

The population of Serraine is almost exclusively non-human, though a number of humans do make their home here. Gnomes, Nagpa, Pegatuars, and Faenare make up most of the population. Other flying races have been known to make their homes here, including a group of harpies, a pair of sphinx, and a cloud giant.

The only non-civilized creatures known to live aboard Serraine are the gremlins. Creatures of pure chaos, their mere presence is none to cause strange malfunctions in the gnomes’ devices, food supplies to spoil and other unusal accidents to occur. Thankfully they are easily distracted and the gnomes have taken to building useless devices merely to give them something to break. They do, however, remain a constant problem.


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