Tha-to, The Grim Reaper

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Chaotic Evil Entropy Death A scythe


Thanatos usually appears as a mummy swathed in dark, stained bandages and covered in cumbersome black robes. Rotted black wings grow from his back and he carries a corroded, black scythe.


Thanatos is one of the greatest and oldest Immortals of Entropy. Like many of the oldest Immortals he does not recall a mortal existence, but unlike many he isn’t curious how he came to be. He has simply sought to spread death and pain since the oldest memory of the oldest sentient being.


Thanatos hates all life, and seeks the death of all living things, everywhere. He is subtle, and patient, confident that he will one day succeed in his goal. He juggles more plots and schemes than all the other Entropic Immortals combined, and is thought to have an uncomfortably high rate of success. He has been known to lavish as much care on a plot to ruin a single person as one to bring down an entire empire.


Thanatos is primarily worshipped by secretive cults across the world, often for some nebulous promise of power. Thanatos cares as little for the lives of his followers as he does for any one elses.


Thanatos has no true allies. He manipulates and betrays other Immortals as much as anyone else. However, he often calls upon the aid of Entropic Immortals he has sponsored, none of whom would dare refuse him.


Thanatos considers all living beings his enemies.


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