Donar, The Thunderer

Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Lawful Good Energy Honor A warhammer


Thor appears as a huge red-headed, red-bearded warrior; mightily muscled, wearing armor of the northmen, a stout metal belt, metal gloves, and carrying a huge warhammer.


In ancient times, Donar was a mighty warrior of the Anatalian tribes. Inspired by Wotan, but sponsored by Ixion, he achieved Immortality after a series of epic battles against evil wizards and giants. These battles became the legends of the Northern Reaches. Since achieving Immortality, Thor has become Odin’s right-hand man, serving as his chief warrior, despite their difference in spheres.


Thor is the ultimate warrior and demands his followers adhere to a strict code of honor and courage. Cheerful and reckless he is capable of sudden rages, but is a loyal friend to his allies.


Thor is primarily worshipped in Ostland, Vestland, and Soderfjord.


Thor’s allies are his fellow Northern Reaches Immortals.


Thor’s greatest enemy is Loki, who has on many occasions professed friendship to Thor but ended up tricking him, stealing from him, or otherwise embarrassing him. Thos typically responds by beating Loki to an Immortal pulp.


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