Alignment Sphere Portfolio Symbol
Unaligned Time Conquest A black lion


Vanya appears as a woman of medium height, with long, brown hair in a single braid. She wears armor made from the skin of a red dragon, and usually carries two swords.


Vanya was once a warrior of the Kerendan peoples (who would later become part of Thyatis). While her kinsman were fleeing the advancing Milenian armies, she stayed behind to harrass their forces, allowing her people to flee across the Sea of Dread.


Vanya throws herself into everything she does, wars, relationships, quests, and challenges. As an Immortal, she is most fond of heroes who live as she did.


Though Vanya is the patron of the Heldannic Knights, who worship her exclusively, Thyatians are the most numerous among her followers.


Vanya has no particular allies among the Immortals.


Vanya has no particular enemies though she often comes into comflict with Halav and Petra over the Milenians, and Rathanos because of his attitudes towards women.


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